Friday, January 05, 2007



“Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess.” (Hebrews 10:23) What is this hope which Christians profess? Our hope is fixed on the promises of God. Our hope is in the truth of the gospel. Our hope depends on the power and the sovereignty of God. Are the promises of God trustworthy? When God says something can we be certain that he will do it? Does the gospel of Christ really offer us the hope of eternal life? Can we actually stake our lives on the truth of the gospel message? Will we discover some day that Christ is not able to save us? That our sins are not forgiven? Is God able to do all the things he has said he would do? Will any enemy or any circumstances arise which will prevent God from doing all he has promised? We have considered all of these things and have concluded that the promises of God and the gospel are true and that God is sovereign over all things. Therefore, we believe and we must believe with all our hearts. We need to cling to our hope!

Do you ever waver in your hope? Do you experience periods of serious doubt and fear concerning the promises of God? What is it that might cause such wavering? It is not God! God cannot fail. God never changes. The wavering comes from the weakness of our own hearts and the weakness of our faith. Temptation comes into our path and we walk into sin. We lose sight of God and begin to waver. We experience very difficult situations in our lives and we go through times of painful trials. Our faith is sorely tested and we begin to wonder and waver. Why is God doing this? Why is God letting these things happen to me? Doubt begins to creep into our hearts and we figure we had better take matters into our own hands. We take our eyes off that which is sure and solid and we become terrified by the waves of trouble which surround us. Or perhaps we are led astray by our own desires and passions; a desire for wealth, for an easier life, for earthly comforts. The things of this world draw our eyes away and entice us and we begin to waver.

What do we do in order to cling to the hope which we profess? How do we keep from wavering? The writer tells us that our strength lies not within us but in God because “he who promised us is faithful.” We do not know what 2007 holds for us. Many among us may be asked to endure all kinds of trials and hardships. What shall we do? The words of Job come to mind, “Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him.” (Job 13:15) Job clung to God because he knew God was faithful. In the midst of deepest misery Job would not doubt God. The faithfulness of God was his rock and his foundation. Will we be able to say in the middle of trouble, “God is faithful and he is good. He means this for my benefit. No matter what happens I will trust in him.” Let’s be prepared for whatever God may have in store for us and commit ourselves to cling to the hope we profess no matter what!


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