Wednesday, October 11, 2006



The closings on both houses took place on Wednesday, October 4. It was relatively painless. My hand began to hurt because of all the papers I had to sign and initial. But there it was! Sold one house and bought another.

If you have been wondering what happened to me for a week or so, let me tell you. Our cable company, through whom we also have internet service, is very quick to turn off one’s service when one moves and very slow to start it in the new house. I did everything I could to ensure uninterrupted service but they were still able to mess it up. In fact, my dad (my folks are here from Temecula, CA) and I missed the Michigan-Michigan State football game on Saturday because of our cable company! I just got them out here yesterday to give me internet service again! We still have no home phone!

The move was Saturday, October 7. It was so great! One of those perfect autumn days in the Midwest with seventy degree weather, a cloudless blue sky, and magnificent colors on the deciduous trees. The Shilohfolks came out in force and had almost everything moved by noon! They were awesome! My back was killing me so I was relegated to unhooking TV wires and stereo speakers and trying to look busy. We moved 1.2 miles so it went quickly. I’m so thankful for the Shilohfolks.

I failed to finish the drywalling in the upstairs. The upstairs rooms were only used for attic space in the previous 86 years of the life of this house. I knew I could tear down the old wallboard, insulate, and put up the new in two days. No problem! Even with Caleb home from Sault Ste. Marie, John and Ben (sons numbers 3, 4), Tom the elder, Steve the doctor, and my dad, we couldn’t do it. We got it insulated but we only got about one quarter of the drywall up. That means three of our kids have no bedrooms. The lovely wife and I decided yesterday morning to hire a professional to come out and do it quickly. My failure was pretty discouraging!

Mia is attacking this new house with a passion. She has finished off one room after another until the main floor is almost done. She’s been a magician. The main floor is almost a home already!

The neighbors have proved to be very friendly. Many have been by to introduce themselves. I’m looking forward to getting to know them all. That’s one nice thing about moving into an older neighborhood. People have lived here for a long time and there is a sense of belonging here.

Well, I’m back in blogspace again. I’ll be visiting your blogs soon. Right now I have to get back to writing for this Sunday. The title? “What About Spiritual Gifts?” Could be interesting!

Thanks for stopping by. I missed you!


At 8:23 AM, Blogger Smoking Christian said...

I don't know if I love real old houses because they truly have 'character' or because, having been raised in SoCal, I never got to see one? It's probably a combination of the two.

Here, land values require the tearing down of the older, smaller homes and replacing them with bigger ones. In the L.A. area I learned you have to go out to the really bad neighborhoods to see anything really old.

Anyhow, I feel like I should be giving you a housewarming gift, like a indoor plant. You'll please send me your new address!


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