Friday, February 08, 2008


We arrived at Detroit Metro Airport on January 7 more than two hours before our flight to Frankfurt. What we found was a line longer than any airport line I have ever seen! It stretched out past the Lufthansa area through the British Air area and all the way through the KLM area! There was an overwhelming sense of depression and discouragement. No chance for aisle seats! Doubtful that we can even sit together.

At the front of the line, over an hour later, two agents signal to me at the same time; a young man and a young woman. It flashes through my mind that I have to choose between them instantaneously. No time to think. This will have to be instinct. Which one of them is more likely to have compassion on their elders? I head straight toward the young woman!

She is business-like but friendly. Mac stands as tall as his 6'5" frame will stretch. "If the flight is overbooked, is there any chance you could bump us up to business class?" She quietly says, "I'll see," without looking up. She finishes tagging our luggage and hands us our boarding passes. Mac asks about the bump and she quietly says, "It's done."

It's done! It's done! At that moment the two most beautiful words in the English language! Business class! The depression is gone! The discouragement is gone! It's done! Business class! A seat that reclines with leg rests! Good food! Great service! A private movie screen! At that moment I love Lufthansa! Long live Lufthansa and our loyal German allies!

We veritably fly down the terminal with wings on our heels. Who cares that our gate is about a mile away! We're in business class! The microphone clicks on, "Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to board flight 178 to Frankfurt. We will be boarding first class and business class passengers first." That's me! I'm a business class traveler today! I get to board first and sit in that lovely seat even longer. "Guten tag, mein herr. Welcome to Lufthansa's business class." Oh, yeah! this will be good!
Mac and I settle in and look at each other and just start laughing. We both feel a little guilty. Kind of like interlopers or wedding crashers. There are about 25 movies to choose from. Some of them are still in the discount theater in Grand Rapids! I see two that I really wanted to see but missed in the theaters.
No bag of nuts in business class! We had hot appetizers and cheese. Then...salmon! Chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Lights out. Movies on. Arrive in Frankfurt at 5:30am. The pilot proudly announces that we have arrived 30 minutes early. Seven hours and ten minutes. Thanks a lot! I get in business class and they set a speed record to Frankfurt!


At 10:10 AM, Blogger Anne of The House said...

Some guys get all the breaks!
Happy Valentine's Day!
How's aboutta date at Big Boy later??


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